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  Aegean Airlines Baggage Allowance
Each passenger is entitled to carry baggage weighing up to 30 kilos on all domestic and international flights, to be handed over at check-in.


  Aeroflot Bagage Allowance
All your baggage, including a single piece of hand luggage that you may wish to take into the passenger cabin, has to be shown to our Check-in staff.


  Before You Book?
Receiving a quote and placing your booking online has never been easier, quicker or more affordable.


  Guarantees for Shipping
Poor weather, closed airports, terrorist alerts, customs delays, incomplete delivery addresses, etc - can play a part in any delivery.


  Collection Times
lthough missed or late collections are uncommon, it is impossible to accurately estimate the exact time a driver making hundreds of collections will arrive at each point.


  Packing Manifests
It is a good idea, especially when shipping internationally, to prepare a complete packing manifest of all goods contained in the shipment, along with their corresponding values.


  An Overview on Customs Charges
Only the relevant Customs authority can advise on applicable Customs charges for a given shipment.


  Preparing Your Parcel for Collection
All other services do not require the security check and your parcel may be sealed.


  Booking Tips & Pointers
When booking online, make certain to complete each field fully.


  ABS Online Bookings vs. ABS Phone Bookings
This will save you time, effort and money compared to phone bookings.


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