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  Afriqiyah Airways Baggage Allowance
If baggage weight is exceeds baggage allowance 24kg but not above the maximum allowed weight and size (32kgs, 185cm) a charge of 12. 00 EUR per extra kilo (or the equivalent in local currency) applies .


  Metric Conversion
Converts a height value between inches and centimeters, and converts a weight value between pounds and kilograms. Easy!


  What Happens To Lost Airport Luggage?
Airlines say that they try their utmost to reunite passengers with their lost luggage, although this can sometimes be a very difficult task.


  Beat Airport Stress With Some Planning
The last thing you'll want to do after getting off a long and annoying flight is to stand at the baggage check for a while, waiting for your luggage to suddenly appear on the belt.


  Calculating air consignments chargeable weight
The chargeable weight in the airfreight is the actual gross weight or the dimensional volumetric weight of the shipment, which ever is higher.


  Air China Baggage Allowance
According to the transportation authorities, baggage carried by Air China can be classified as checked baggage and unchecked baggage.


  British Airways Baggage Allowance
When you check your baggage on to your flight (at the airport check-in desk or Fast Bag Drop), you will receive one baggage tag receipt per bag, which you should keep safe.


  Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance
The dimension of each piece of checked baggage should not exceed 158 cm (total dimension = length + height + width).


  Aeromexico Baggage Allowance
When claiming your baggage, check that the number of Baggage Claim Tags coincides with the number of pieces of baggage you checked in, and that the series of your Baggage Claim Tags is the same as that which appears on the label of each suitcase.


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