Unacceptable Items for Carriage

Advance Baggage Service will not ship any item that is prohibited by any law, regulation, state, or local government. Below is a general list of materials that are strictly prohibited.


Prohibited Items


  Live or dead animals
  Prescription drugs
  Illegal narcotic substances
  Firearms (including parts) and Ammunition
  Fake/dummy/game/toy weapons
  Paint ball guns, BB guns, antique weapons, swords, knives, etc
  Items that could be used as weapons.
  Human remains (including ashes)
  Furs and skins (untreated)
  Indecent goods   pornography
  Any noxious substance
  Any unsolicited indecent item
  Perishable goods
  Any inadequately packaged item


Valuable Items


  Cash or currency
  Payment cards, traveler cheques, etc.
  Precious metals & stones
  Works of Art
  Items of a fragile nature
  Packages that are wet, leaking or emit any odor of any kind


Dangerous Goods


All items, irrespective of packaging, listed in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations are not to be sent by courier. These include:


  Adhesive products (containing flammable liquid)
  Aerosol cans (e.g. Hair spray)
  Alarm devices (gas or battery powered)
  Alcohol (more than 5 liters)
  Alcohol (more than 70% by volume)
  Aluminum powder
  Ammonial products
  Appliances (containing batteries)
  Batteries (contained in any appliance)
  Batteries (made from lithium)
  Batteries (car or wet cell)
  Battery fluid
  Blasting caps
  Brake fluid
  Caps for starting guns
  Caps for toy guns
  Caustic soda
  Christmas crackers
  Cigarette lighters
  Corrosives (e.g. nail polish)
  Deodorant (aerosols)
  Drugs (unless in prescription quantities)
  Electronic items (containing batteries)
  Essential oils (e.g. Eucalyptus, tea tree)
  Fire extinguishers
  Fire lighters
  Fireworks (e.g. Skyrockets, sparklers, crackers)
  Flammable liquids and flammable solids (e.g. perfume)
  Flint lighters
  Gas (e.g. Propane, butane, hydrogen, helium)
  Gas cylinders (e.g. Camping gas cylinders ? full or empty)
  Glue (e.g. Flammable, quick drying)
  Hair coloring/bleaches
  Hairspray (aerosol)
  Highly magnetic, polymerizable goods
  Laundry detergents
  Lighter fluid
  Liquid nitrogen
  Lithium batteries
  Magnetic material
  Mobile phones (unless battery separately wrapped)
  Motor fuels
  Nail polish
  Nail polish remover
  Oven cleaners (which include caustic soda)
  Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides (e.g. hair dye)
  Oxygen cylinders
  Paint (oil based)
  Party poppers
  Perfumery products
  Plastic solvent
  Poisons (e.g. Cyanide, lead, arsenic)
  Radioactive materials
  Shock absorbers (gas or compressed air)
  Signals, distress
  Signals, smoke
  Sulphuric acid
  Swimming pool chemicals
  Tea tree oil
  Textile dyes
  Theatrical flares
  Thermometers (mercury)
  Toner (e.g. Photocopier)
  Toxic (poisonous) and infectious substances.
  Toy caps
  Toys (containing batteries)
  Varnish (e.g. Removers, thinners)
  Weed killers
  Zinc powder